This trip started with an overnight stay in the capital Santiago, Chile followed by a three hour flight to Puerto Williams (southernmost town in the world) in southern Chile from where the cruise departed on the 84 passenger Society Expeditions ship.  A stop was made at Cape Horn at the southern tip of the continent.  Then continued with a two day crossing of the dreaded Drake Passage where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet (rough seas where sometimes when lying down, the head alternates going from above to below the feet) to the Antarctic Peninsula where several islands and the mainland were visited.  After the return crossing of the Drake Passage, the ship continued through the Beagle Channel and Garibaldi Fiord returning to Puerto Williams.  A short flight followed to Punta Arenas where spent half a day before returning home via Santiago.


Antarctica is generally uninhabited except for a few research stations set up by some countries and those are on only a few of the islands.  Elsewhere there is no other life except the animals which are mostly penguins, seals, and birds.  


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