This was the second trip to French Polynesia but the first to each of the three islands visited although it was a short five nights.  After international arrival in Tahiti which is the main island, connection was made for the hour and half flight to Bora Bora where stayed two nights.  Next was a short flight to Raiatea where stayed two nights.  Finally back to Tahiti for one night.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is the most northern of the five main islands in the Society Islands group of French Polynesia.  Bora Bora and Moorea are the most visited by tourists.  Like most of these islands, it is mountainous in the middle sloping down to the coast.  The main part of the island is surrounded by a lagoon that contains other "motus" (smaller islands) around the perimeter of the lagoon.  The airport is actually located on one of the motus in the north end.  So arrival and departure at the airport involves a boat ride across the lagoon to the main part of the island.

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Raiatea is located just across the sea southeast of Bora Bora and so a short flight or longer ferry ride.  To the north of Raiatea acroos the lagoon is the smaller island of Tahaa.  Raiatea is not as visited as other islands but is known as being of more historical significance with more traditional way of life and also more "maraes" (old burial grounds).  The main town of Uturoa is on the north coast of the island.  It is a small town that gives the "South Pacific" feel.

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Tahiti is the largest island and where international flights arrive and depart.  The airport is located not far west of the main city of Papeete on the north coast.  The airport is busiest between 11pm and 6am when most international flights arrive and depart.  Unlike other small towns in French Polynesia, Papeete does not give much the feeling of being in the South Pacific due to its size and look of a mid size city.  But outside of Papeete on the rest of the island things change for the better.  Papeete does have a pleasant waterfront and across the sea can be seen the island of Moorea.

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