This was return to India after 46 years.  Went on EVA Airways with 14 hour flight from Los Angeles to Taiwan, then 7 hour flight to Mumbai (formerly called Bombay).  A few days were spent in the Colaba District in south Mumbai, followed by six days in Goa and then a few days in Juhu Beach in north Mumbai.

North Goa; Calangute Beach

Goa is a former Portuguese colony located on the west coast, an hour flight south of Mumbai.  The portuguese influence can be seen in the names of places and people in this region.  This is the "touristy" area of India that is popular especially among Europeans where most of the non-Indian tourists are from (British, Russian, German, etc.).

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South Mumbai (Colaba); North Mumbai (Juhu); Central Mumbai

Mumbai is the biggest city in India located on the west coast.  It is the financial and commercial center and has the largest film industry in the world.  Like other big cities in the world it attracts migrants from other parts of India who either come here just for some job and others who come to make their fortune.  Also, like some other big cities in the world, there is the wide disparity between the rich and poor where you can travel a short distance and see the two extremes.

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