Samoa used to be known as Western Samoa and is the independent Samoa as opposed to its neighbor to the east American Samoa.  It is more developed for tourism than American Samoa and gets many more visitors.  Stayed on Upolu Island and made day trip to Savaii Island and another day trip to American Samoa.  This was the second trip to Samoa and the sole visit to American Samoa.


Samoa - Upolu Island

Upolu is the second largest island of Samoa located a short distance east of the largest island Savaii.  It is the main island where most people visit and the main town of Apia is located on the north coast.  The international airport is located a half hour drive west of Apia.  Apia is a pleasant town with a curving harbor and has a "South Pacific" feel to it.  Stayed ten days with three days at the Kitano Tusitala Hotel at the west end end of Apia and seven days at Aggie Grey's Hotel at the east end of Apia.  The latter is perhaps the most famous hotel in the South Pacific with a rich history behind it.  Apia itself does not have any real beaches but there are plenty of them outside of Apia with the more scenic ones along the eastern tip of the island and along the south coast.  There are also other places of interest in the interior of the island such as the former home of the writer Robert Louis Stevenson, as well as waterfalls and scenic vista points.

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Samoa - Savaii Island

Savaii is the largest island in Samoa and is located a short ten minute flight west of Upolu Island and there are also ferries that make the crossing between the two islands.  Savaii is considered more historical and traditional than other places in Samoa.  It receives far less tourists than Upolu Island.

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American Samoa - Tusitala Island

American Samoa is a US territory located a short half hour flight southeast of Samoa.  Tusitala is the main island with a few smaller islands located east of Tusitala.  Pago Pago is the main town and is situated in a picturesque harbor setting that is known as one of the most scenic in the world.  The natives of American Samoa are the same as those of independent Samoa as far as cultural and ethnic background.  American Samoa was not well developed for tourism at the time of this trip but it may be a little different now but certainly not to the extent of Samoa.

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