This sole trip to Thailand visited the southern peninsula area of Phuket and the capital Bangkok in the southern part of the mainland.  


The journey to Thailand ended up being a mini-adventure in itself.  The Thai Airways flight from Los Angeles was cancelled due to problem with the aircraft and passengers were put on Northwest Airline instead via Seoul, South Korea.  Then a short while into the flight it was announced that there was some minor problem with the plane and an unscheduled stop would be made in Anchorage, Alaska.  The problem ended up being more involved and the flight departed the next day and so the night was spent at a hotel in Anchorage.  It was winter time and so very cold in Alaska.  Finally arrived in South Korea.  From there it was a Cathay Pacific flight via Hong Kong that finally arrived in Thailand a day late which meant one less day in Phuket than planned since that was the first stop.


Phuket; Phang-nga Bay

Phuket is a beach resort area located at the southern end of Thailand's peninsula close to the border with Malaysia.


Phang-nga Bay is northeast of Phuket where boat tours are prevalent to visit various sights.  The touristy visit is to "James Bond Island" known for the movie "The Man with the Golden Gun".

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Bangkok; Auyutthaya

Bangkok is the capital and largest city in Thailand.  It is located near the south coast of the main part of the country.  The Grand Palace is a well known location within the city.


Auyutthaya is a historical city about an hour's drive north of Bangkok known for various temples.

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